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Reunion 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended the reunion. The food was great and the dogs were very well behaved. We had 116 people and 45 dogs and everyone behaved well. I think everyone had a wonderful time. I know we sure did. Now, anyone who has some pictures they’d like to see here on the… Read more »

Trick or Treat Fun

T-Boone's pajamas

This year’s trick or treaters. If you’d like to see your pup here, just email me the pictures. If you sent me one and don’t see it on here, resend it. I love seeing our guys dressed up and putting smiles on peoples faces.

Group Photo Fun

We had a gorgeous day the other day to get together and take pictures. None of our girls were in heat or pregnant or just had pups they couldn’t leave alone etc. etc. (There’s quite a lot of thinking involved when putting girls and boys together). We enlisted the aid of my sister and brother-in-law… Read more »

Reunion 2012

Family with dog

Well, the Family Reunion was, as usual a rousing success. I want to thank everyone for the great food. I think I got to taste everything. I absolutely loved the “doodle” cupcakes that Vita’s mom brought for us. Unfortunately, I had a new camera and didn’t have the hang of it. I’m hoping people will… Read more »

Reunion 2011

We have to thank the folks at Misty Pines Dog Park for a wonderful time. They provide everything you need for a fun day with your 4 legged family. We had 102 people and 40 dogs and everyone got to play and romp around. The weather was fantastic, not too hot but sunny and warm…. Read more »

Reunion 2010

2nd Annual “Doodle Family” Reunion Photos We asked all of our families to bring a donation to the Humane Society in lieu of a covered dish. We were overwhelmed at their generosity. We raised over $500.00 in the form of: Over 150 lbs of specialty dog food, treats, and puppy food. Over 200 postage stamps…. Read more »