Reunion 2010

2nd Annual “Doodle Family” Reunion Photos

We asked all of our families to bring a donation to the Humane Society in lieu of a covered dish. We were overwhelmed at their generosity. We raised over $500.00 in the form of:

Over 150 lbs of specialty dog food, treats, and puppy food. Over 200 postage stamps. A new crate. Throw rugs, dog toys, quite an assortment of cleaning supplies, paper towels etc. Newspapers, 9V batteries, shampoos, Pet Smart gift cards and many other assorted items on the humane society list of needs.

We had 62 people and 22 dogs and it was a great time. The dogs all got along great and so did the people. Just goes to show that Goldendoodle owners are the greatest.

A special thanks to Jackie Schaffer (Harley’s mom) for the really cool cake.

Another thanks to Michelle Christ for the great photos. If you’d like to get in touch with Michelle or see her great work, visit her website at: