Our Moms

We choose our moms for temperament as well as color and style. We won’t breed a dog that isn’t going to be a great family pet in her own right. The pups are going to be 50% mom so if you don’t have a happy, easy going mom, you won’t have that in your pups either. Goldendoodles should be happy, kid loving family friendly dogs so you have to have the right combination of mom and dad.

Katie female

Katie is our Red Standard poodle weighing about 53 lbs. She’ll produce red and apricot. We can’t wait

Blanche female

   Blanche is our happy standard poodle weighing in at 40 lbs. She’ll have pups with BixB this fall.

Chanel female

We welcome Chanel to our program. She and Sprout will produce beautiful parti, choc. and maybe cream this year.

Rue female

This is Rue. Our beautiful happy multi colored poodle. She carries for black, brown and parti. (Bred to Sprout.)

Sammy female

Sammy is our sweet, happy girl. She’s 50 lbs and her pups with Sprout were absolutely beautiful.

Ella female

Ella is our chocolate Standard Poodle. She’s 45 lbs. and super friendly. We are excited to  welcome her into our program. Her pups with Sprout are anxiously awaited.

All of our parents spend a good deal of time out playing either on the farm or at the local county park where they enjoy a day at the lake or just running in the fields.

We invite you to come and visit with our family any time. We are very proud of our facilities and our four legged family members.