Adult Dogs Available

All of our retirees will require some training. They are all potty trained but have spent their time here in a structured routine. We strongly suggest crating in the beginning and definitely a fenced yard. We prefer they go to an “only dog” home but that isn’t set in stone.

We don’t have any adults available at this time. Check back often though as they do make great companions.


Our retirees make great family pets.
Here’s a couple of testimonials:

Hi Pat!

We are so thankful for our two beautiful, wonderful, outstanding dogs. They are so good and play together so well. We are very fortunate to have them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of blessings from above.

Patti & Dave

Hi Pat,
Just wanted to let you know that Spencer has settled into her new  home. She is one happy (and rather spoiled) poodle!  She loves her    walks and prances around the neighborhood…she will let the boys  walk her, but is a bit protective of them around strangers.  The two  cats have made it clear to her where she falls in the pack order  around here and she won’t go near their food…but will step right out of the way for them to eat her food…they aren’t best friends,  but seem to get along well enough…no hissing or blood at least.     Spencer’s favorite time of the day is going to get the boys off the  school bus.  She gets so excited to see them and stands patiently  while all the kids in the neighborhood pat her and rub her  ears…too cute.  She plays and plays and then crashes out every  night on a dog bed in the boys room…doesn’t move until I come to  get her in the morning.  She is such a great dog and we are loving  having her as a member of the family.
Happy Holidays!
Kathie, Jim, Max, Dex, and Spencer!