What is a Goldendoodle?

For those of you who are just starting your search for the best family pet ever, here are a few things you’ll want to know about our breed “the Goldendoodle” and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to call or come visit us here in Avella, Pennsylvania. Just a short hop from Pittsburgh.

F1 or First Generation: This is when you breed a Golden Retriever to a Standard Poodle. (See 1st Illustration)

F1b or backcross: This is when you breed an F1 Goldendoodle back to a poodle. This gives you more poodle in the mix to eliminate the little bit of shedding you may get with the F1. It also makes them less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. (See 2nd Illustration)

(People who breed a goldendoodle to a goldenretriever and call it an F1b are really providing a shedding nightmare, as you now have a dog 3/4 retriever. )

F2 or Second Generation: This is a Goldendoodle bred to another Goldendoodle. We bred an F1 to an F1b and had great success with only one pup in the litter a shedder.

As for whether the mom should be the retriever or the poodle, we have not noticed any difference in the offspring. As long as your parents have a sweet personality, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I think Robbin summed it up best when she said “If you wake up in the morning to a goldendoodle at least your day will start with a smile”.

This combination will produce a First Generation Goldendoodle or an F1.

White long hair goldendoodle running

This combination will produce an F1b or backcross

Goldendoodle Puppy For Sale in PA


When the curly coat is left to grow very long, it pulls the curl out to give a straight flowing look. This requires a LOT of maintenance. When they are kept a little shorter the curl looks a little tighter.


Wavy coat cut short                                                                           Wavy coat left long and brushed out

The wavy coat, when left long and brushed out also gives a very different look than when kept short and allowed to curl.

So much of the look can be changed by the right grooming. A good groomer is a goldendoodles best friend.

As to which coat requires more maintenance I would have to say that either the curly and the wavy if they are left to grow long, will require a good three times a week brushing. On the other hand, either coat, when kept trimmed, will require much less effort and produce very few matts.


Trust me, that is not uncommon, we have been doing this for  years now and are still surprised by the colors we get.

One thing that is always true, however:

You cannot beat this breed for personality and trainability, regardless of their generation, color, or coat type.

We have worked very hard to find the perfect temperaments for our parent dogs.

Coat types:

The basic coat types are:

Wavy, which is a long loose curl.

Curly, which is a little tighter of a curl than the wavy.

Fleece, which looks more like a lamb.

Most of our dogs have a combination of the wavy and curly types.

When they are born, if their hair is pretty straight it’s a safe bet that they will be wavy coated.

If they are born with a very curly coat, they will stay curly.

The best bet is to come and visit with our adults and “meet the parents” so to speak.


There are as many color combinations as there are colors on the Standard Poodle (which is many)