Check back here often, as we are always up to some new and fun things here at Yankee Doodles and Poodles. We intend to keep all of our friends and family up to date on all the latest news and events including our family reunions and more!

Our first movie star pup

We just have to tell everyone about Shep. He is a T-boone pup who is now a movie star. If you go see the movie “Love the Coopers” Shep is the white goldendoodle with two scenes in the movie. He’s dressed as a rabbi. We are just so proud of him. His 2 legged mom… Read more »

The Joys? of a Christmas puppy

A lot of people ask us about getting a puppy for Christmas. Let me just explain why we choose not to do that. The idea of a puppy under the tree to surprise your kids is so adorable. The reality is that the puppy will be so excited he will pee on everything. The kids… Read more »

Picture taking day

The planets finally lined up just right. We had a beautiful day with no one in heat, no one just having pups and no one too pregnant to join the fun. Can’t say my photography is the best, but everyone had a good time and I did get some great shots of the pairings and… Read more »

Happy Halloween

Just a little reminder to watch your 4 legged kids like hawks at Halloween. All that tempting candy in those nifty crackly paper wrappers can be quite dangerous to your pooch. All the kids dressed up in their scary outfits may thrill the kids, but the dogs see things much differently and may become scared… Read more »

Back to school

Now that school is back in session, don’t forget about your 4 legged kids. They’re going to be missing their 2 legged friends and be very bored with nothing to do and no one to play with. If they’re under 1 yr old, you may want to get them back to crate time. They will… Read more »

Puppies lovin the outdoors

What a beautiful day. The pups are enjoying it as much as I am. I have a lot of work to do, but puppies are more fun!! I tried to decide which pics to post, but I love them all. Sorry! I’m just no good with this “instant info” stuff. Everyone wants everything fast fast… Read more »

2014 Doodle family reunion

Well, you can’t prove it by the weather right now, but June 29th will be here before you know it. I’ve sent out the email invitations, but many of them are coming back. If you didn’t get one, it’s undoubtedly due to us having an old address for you. Here’s the pertinent information: Sunday June… Read more »

Jump for joy Spring is finally here

Finally, this never ending winter is letting go. Our girls are starting to come into heat. Better late than never. Jade and Jaxxson will be bred as will T-Boone and Rosie. We are so excited. It has been a long cold winter and with only 12 pups total for our spring, it’s been a bit… Read more »

Spring has sprung? But is it all the way out of the box?

Well here it is March 31st and the sun is finally bringing warmth with it. It’s been a long brutal winter and we have survived another Western Pennsylvania winter. We are looking forward to starting some of our “future moms and dads” into the program. Oriana has passed all of her testing with flying colors…. Read more »

Winter fun!

It was a great day for a romp with the boys in the county park. Not too cold, not, thankfully, raining so no mud. We had a great time. This is Geronimo’s first outing with the big guys in the great outdoors. He was a little unsure about leaving us and just going with the… Read more »