The Joys? of a Christmas puppy

A lot of people ask us about getting a puppy for Christmas. Let me just explain why we choose not to do that. The idea of a puppy under the tree to surprise your kids is so adorable. The reality is that the puppy will be so excited he will pee on everything. The kids will be so excited, they’ll even top the sugar high. Then fast forward to 1/2 hour later and the puppy is tearing up the ornaments, hiding under the tree, knocking over the train and eating everything. The kids have moved on to the 23 billion other things they got for Christmas and their friends now want to come over and see the puppy. The pup can not get on any kind of a schedule and you’re calling us complaining that the pup won’t housebreak. We take the side of the pup every time. Sorry, if you want to surprise your kids with a pup then wrap a leash and collar and tell them they can pick their pup in January after everything is back to normal. All the visiting and partying and trees and gifts are put away (or broken) then they can pick a pup and take him home into a calm(er) normal (ish) home and train them properly. So Virginia, that is why we don’t do Christmas pups.