Spring has sprung? But is it all the way out of the box?

Well here it is March 31st and the sun is finally bringing warmth with it. It’s been a long brutal winter and we have survived another Western Pennsylvania winter. We are looking forward to starting some of our “future moms and dads” into the program. Oriana has passed all of her testing with flying colors. Geronimo still has his hip/elbow test next month. (Fingers crossed.) Reba, too has passed everything with excellent results.
Oriana will be bred to T-Boone for cream pups sometime in May we hope. Reba will be bred to Geronimo provided he passes his hip tests. We can’t wait. Our newest addition “Amber” will have her testing done this month as well. She’ll be Ava’s replacement. She is a real sweety. I’ll get some pics up as soon as she’s all groomed up.
Squishy is Spencer’s niece and just as adorable only black and white instead of brown and white. Spencer will be retiring after her next litter, as will Slinky. I’ll get pictures of all the new kids on the parents pages as soon as they are all groomed. (It’s been a long cold winter)