Sold Dogs

Georgie Girl female

Meet Georgie Girl, she’s our newest family member. She’s a small standard poodle that was bred to Geronimo for red, apricot and cream pups in the 40 lb range.

Yankeedoodle Laya female

Laya will be retiring in March. Off to her new home to be a pampered “only dog”. She has given us 2 litters of 12 pups and a litter of one. She will love her time with a human family.

May female

May, is retiring in March and will be off to her new loving family. She has made some beautiful pups, but it is time for her to be the center of someone’s attention.    

Yankeedoodle Ruby female

  You’ll not find a sweeter, kinder personality. She just loves people and other dogs. She will be having her last litter in February then going on to her new forever family. We will miss her greatly.

Yankeedoodle Destiny female

Meet Destiny. She’s Yankeedoodle Simply Red’s (Reba) little sister. Her and Geronimo  make some beautiful red pups.

Brown Sugar Baby female

Sugar is a beautiful standard Poodle weighing in at 65 lbs. Standing 27 inches tall. She’s really a low energy kind of girl. She’ll be bred to Jaxxson for her next litter and will be retiring after that.

Yankeedoodle Poppy female

Yankeedoodle Poppy is an F1b goldendoodle. She will require a fenced yard in her new home. She’s a lower energy kind of dog. If you are interested, make an appointment to see if she likes you:)

Most of our pups are sold before they are born, but here’s a few of the last litters already sold:


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