Puppies lovin the outdoors

What a beautiful day. The pups are enjoying it as much as I am. I have a lot of work to do, but puppies are more fun!! I tried to decide which pics to post, but I love them all. Sorry! I’m just no good with this “instant info” stuff. Everyone wants everything fast fast fast. Not me. I like to look at all these pics one at a time over and over. I hope the pictures aren’t too big for your phones. I don’t know as I have a “dumb” phone, no internet. It makes calls and texts, with my lack of technological knowledge, that works for me.

DSC02691 DSC02690 DSC02689 DSC02687 DSC02685 DSC02679 DSC02680 DSC02682 DSC02683 DSC02684 DSC02677 DSC02671 DSC02666 DSC02662 DSC02659 DSC02649 DSC02648 DSC02641 DSC02639 DSC02638 DSC02636 DSC02634 DSC02633 DSC02629 DSC02627 DSC02622 DSC02621 DSC02619 DSC02616 DSC02614 DSC02611 DSC02609 DSC02608 DSC02603 DSC02601 DSC02597 DSC02596 DSC02595 DSC02594