Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale



All of our puppies are handled on a daily basis.They are groomed on a grooming table and everything your pup will need to know for a professional groomer he will learn before he turns 8 weeks. All of our puppies leave here mostly , if not totally, crate trained, with a basic knowledge of sit, and come. They learn to walk on a leash but they are so lovable, they would rather be with you than wander off anyway. Contrary to popular belief, a puppy will bond with whomever leads it. There is no timetable for bonding. We have had many adult dogs whose names we changed when we got them and they have no trouble figuring out who you’re calling. We encourage you to visit as many breeders as you can before making a decision. Your puppy will be with you for many years. We feel that after you visit many breeders you will see the difference a small home based operation can make in the early stages of a puppy’s life. We do, however, request that you don’t come to visit our pups within 48 hours of visiting another breeder in order not to bring any contagion to our facility. All our dogs and puppies are wormed and vaccinated on a veterinarian’s schedule. We are now offering our families grooming services. Check out our Grooming page. Please note: We do not ship our pups. They want to meet you in person before they go home with you. We are located in South Western Pennsylvania, in Avella, it’s not far from Pittsburgh. Even though we don’t ship our pups we have pups from coast to coast. People seem to be willing to drive and fly from all over the country to our little Avella hamlet to get the best Goldendoodle pal you’ll find.



All of the next litters will be going home the last week in July or the first week of August.

Pearl is bred to Jaxxson for  choc. and choc. parti pups. We’ll take 2 more deposits for this litter.

Diamond is bred to Jaxxson for chocolate pups. We will take 4 deposits for this litter.

Poppy is bred to Jaxxson for choc., black, cream, black/wh parti, choc./wh parti pups, We will take 4 more deposits for this litter.

Tessa is bred to TBoone for cream or white pups. We’ll take 3 more deposits for this litter.

Junibee is bred to Jaxxson for choc or choc/wh part pups. Her litter is closed until the pups are born.

Sapphire is bred to TBoone for black,  or cream pups. We’ll take 2 more deposits for this litter

Laya is bred to Geronimo for red, cream or apricot pups. Litter is closed until after the pups are born.

Georgie is bred to Geronimo for apr. and cream pups. Litter is closed until after the pups are born

Sapphire and Poppy will produce “multigen” pups (F1b x F1) or 62 1/2 % poodle as opposed to the F1b which are 75% poodle


Congratulations to all of our newest family members. See you at the reunion in June. Don’t forget to send us pictures now and then, we love seeing our little ones growing up.

Here’s some of our favorite shots of’ our previous pups:

Pennsylvania Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder          Goldendoodle Pups for Sale in Pennsylvania   Sandy Morris Jazz Geronimo pup  Jazz pup Piper Baumbach Scout Reimer Sugar pup 9 months old

Buster Craig, Sugar pup Huck & Patch