Our Moms

We choose our moms for temperament as well as color and style. We won’t breed a dog that isn’t going to be a great family pet in her own right. The pups are going to be 50% mom so if you don’t have a happy, easy going mom, you won’t have that in your pups either. Goldendoodles should be happy, kid loving family friendly dogs so you have to have the right combination of mom and dad.

Yankeedoodle Coco female

Coco is our new Choc. parti factored pup. She’s going to be taking Junibee’s place. She is bred to Jaxxson for pups in Spring of 2020. Ready to go home in May.  

Yankeedoodle Livvie female

Livvie is our young brown/white parti poodle. She will be having pups with Sprout this spring. We are so excited to see this combination.  

Our girl “Curls” female

Welcome Our Girl Curls to our program. She is a very sweet, friendly apricot Standard Poodle. She’s 24″ tall and 48 lbs. We are very excited to see her pups with TBoone. She’s due on 12/15/19 for pups going home Feb. 9th (ish)

Holly female

  Welcome Holly, she will produce pups on the slightly smaller size 40-45 lbs.  She will be bred to Geronimo for pups in the late spring/early summer . She is a sweet girl with a gentle temperament.

KitKat female

KitKat is a beautifully colored 25″ 50 lb standard poodle. She produced some of the most beautiful pups with Sprout, we couldn’t be happier.

Frankie female

Frankie is our beautiful gold girl. She has produced some fantastic pups with TBoone. She is a sweet happy girl who loves everyone and wants to be your best friend.

Topaz female

Topaz is our own TBoone and Ruby pup who has given us 7 beautiful pups with Geronimo. We look forward to keeping one of her pups for ourselves in the near future.  

Yankeedoodle Tessa female

 Say hello to our beautiful white girl. Tessa is a sweet, happy, 48 lb.  poodle. She is TBoone’s favorite girl and makes beautiful cream and white pups with him.

Sapphire female

Sapphire is a daughter of Jade and Jaxxson. She had 10 beautiful pups with TBoone. We love her so much that we kept a little boy from that litter. We hope to breed her to a red and white dad this year.

All of our parents spend a good deal of time out playing either on the farm or at the local county park where they enjoy a day at the lake or just running in the fields.





We invite you to come and visit with our family any time. We are very proud of our facilities and our four legged family members.