Happy Halloween

Just a little reminder to watch your 4 legged kids like hawks at Halloween. All that tempting candy in those nifty crackly paper wrappers can be quite dangerous to your pooch. All the kids dressed up in their scary outfits may thrill the kids, but the dogs see things much differently and may become scared or aggressive when approached. Just know your dog. If he’s skittish, maybe keep him in the crate during the trick or treat time. If he’s protective, ditto. You don’t want him attacking what he perceives as a scary threat when it’s the 3 year old in a monster suit. Dressing the dogs up is cute but not nearly as much fun for the pup as for you so just don’t get upset if he tears it off and destroys it. It’s not his idea. You need to introduce the costume a few days  before Halloween to get him used to it in small doses. Remember that excitement creates excitement so just keep your cool and use common sense (or more appropriately “dog sense”) and everyone can have a Happy Halloween