Goldendoodle Grooming Services

We are now offering our clients grooming services for their Yankeedoodle pups. Prices will depend on the services rendered. We will be fair and competitive with our charges and your dog will have the added advantage of a play date before the haircut.

We like to call it a daycation.

If all you want is a bath, blow dry and comb out, that’s fine too.

For grooming call us at: 724-228-9875 (Robbin)

Here’s a couple pictures of our first grooming day.

She got to play with the rest of the dogs for about 2 hrs. before we started the process, then for another 1/2 hour after her bath and combing. Then the actual grooming work begins. Then out again after she’s all done. The time out with the other kids, makes her forget about the time in the tub and on the table. All in all it’s a fun day for her.


And another wonderful before and after