Our Future Goldendoodle & Poodle Parents

Tumbleweed alone tumbleweed (2) for website

Meet Tumbleweed. He is a son of T-Boone and Poppy. He will be able to produce the parti pups as well as white pups. As soon as he passes his testing and comes of age we’ll be breeding him to our girls for a wide variety of colors, but the same temperament as his dad. He couldn’t be any¬†sweeter.
We are so excited to see what our young ones that we are raising here from pups will produce in the coming years.

It’s been a long time in the making, but we think we have our breeding program right where we want it at this point.

The only time we have to go outside our lines is to introduce new breeding dogs into the program that are not related to anyone we have here. We should be able to produce parti doodles, black, red, cream, gold and chocolate as well. Colors are important, but its all about the temperament of the pups. It’s one of the reasons we don’t always have pups available. We won’t breed dogs just to have a lot of pups to sell. If they don’t measure up to our idea of a great pet, we won’t breed them and we keep searching for that “just right” combination of color, size and temperament.

The lengthy wait will soon be over and we can’t wait.

Stay tuned!