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Check back here often, as we are always up to some new and fun things here at Yankee Doodles and Poodles. We intend to keep all of our friends and family up to date on all the latest news and events including our family reunions and more!

2022 reunion

The Yankeedoodlesandpoodles reunion will happen this year. As always, it will be at Misty Pines Dog Park in Sewickley. It will be June 26th (Sunday) from Noon – 3:00 pm. and this year we aren’t doing the pot luck. Just bring your family and your 4 legged kids to have some fun. All dogs must… Read more »


We want everyone to have a fun New Year’s Eve celebration, but PLEASE if you drink DON”T drive, remember your dog won’t understand when you don’t come home and you’ll never forgive yourself if you hurt someone else because you think it can’t happen to you. Have a happy and safe celebration. Let’s get 2021… Read more »

Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Well, we wanted to get all the kids together, but of course, everytime we say we’ll take pictures, the girls go into heat. So here are some pics of the boys in front of Robbin’s tree and a couple of girls in front of my tree. We want to thank everyone who sent us Christmas… Read more »


Happy Thanksgiving to all, we here at Yankeedoodlesandpoodles have much to be thankful for and our clients are one of the biggest things. Now as far as what to let your dogs eat for thanksgiving: THEIR KIBBLE ! They aren’t going to get sick from that. If you want to feed them something from your… Read more »

2021 Virtual family reunion

We’re going with another virtual reunion this year. 6/27. Post a photo & add their birtdate & parents if you remember who they were. We can’t wait to see all of you in person next year.

Reunion that wasn’t

We want to invite everyone to send us pics or videos of our kids growing up. We won’t get to see you in person this year, but today is the day we would have gotten together at Misty Pines and we’re thinking of you all. We’ll do it next year, the last Sunday in June… Read more »


Due to the covid-19 virus, we, unfortunately, have to cancel our reunion for 2020. Too many of our clients are from around the country and have to make plans far ahead of time. With no vaccine or cure in sight, we want to err on the side of caution. We look forward to seeing everyone… Read more »

Change of plans

Due to the pandemic situation, we find we must change the way we do things. Visits to our place have been suspended for the time being. You will come to pick your pup the same day they are ready to go home. We will try to get better at videos so you’ll see the pups… Read more »


No matter what holiday you are celebrating, we wish you the best. We didn’t get Christmas cards out again this year so we hope that won’t stop you sending us cards. We love hearing from our kids. Thanks to all of our puppy families for making our pups happy and loved. Happy New Year to… Read more »

Happy Halloween

It’s that time again. Please take the time to think about what your pup/dog is actually seeing. From your point of view “Look at all the cute kids and their cute costumes”. From the dog’s point of view “STRANGER DANGER, STRANGER DANGER”.  Your dog doesn’t understand how you can remain so calm when really frightening… Read more »